Garuru is a character in the series Keroro Gunso. He is the first lieutenant and leader of the Garuru Platoon.


Garuru was first introduced at the end of episode 100 with the rest of the Garuru Platoon to replace the Keroro Platoon in their mission to conquer Pekopon.

Garuru is the older brother of Giroro. He and his brother have a slight rivalry, but it seems like Garuru is willing to really bend the rules to make sure Giroro gets to stay on Pekopon and complete
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the invasion. On more than one occasion he has tampered with evidence to make the Keroro Platoon seem more competent.

He cannot use chopsticks very well, however he accidentally stabbed one in a tiger horses eye.

Garuru also loved listening to loud rock music when he was younger.

Teenage and adult Garuru cards from the movie 4 game.


Garuru is a light purple adult Keronian. His red eyes are hidden by a yellow visor and the center of his dark purple cap points downward with a point at the end. There's some speculation about the color of his eyes, in some manga based art he appears with red eyes, like his father. He wears a weapon belt across his right shoulder and the left side of his waist with a round buckle. His symbol is a red, upside down "A" with a downward line at the center.That letter "A" can be also seen like a wolf's face


  • Giroro - Garuru is Giroro's older brother
  • Pururu- Pururu has a crush on Garuru
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  • Giroro/Garuru's Father- Garuru's Dad


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