Jirara, a captain, was the leader of the X1, whose members are Dororo, Zoruru, Girara, Tarara and Dasasa, the number one assassin team of Keron.



Jirara is a navy blue and pale purple keronian. He wears a metal assassin mask and has robotic arms. He has normal ear flaps and 3 little red dots for eyes, along with one on the center of his forehead. His belly symbol is a silver shuriken.


Jirara was part of the dangerous assassin group that Dororo used to be in. Jirara made his debut in episode 189, arriving on Pekopon. Capturing Keroro, Fuyuki, and Giroro, Dororo set off to find and battle him. Possessing Koyuki, it seemed Dororo had been killed off but thanks to a charm of protection Koyuki had given him at the beginning of the episode he survives and has a final battle with Jirara. He defeats his old captain, realizing that Jirara planned to be defeated in the beginning, for he is tired of living the life of a blood-thirsty assassin. At the end of the episode, Jirara is seen alive before leaving.