Karara is a character in Keroro Gunso and Sgt. Frog.


Karara is the daughter of the head of the big Dobaba Industries (similar to Momoka Nishizawa to Nishizawa Corporation).


  • Chiroro - younger twin sister and friend
  • Taruru - childhood friend
  • loved Tamama, Kururu, Dororo, Giroro and Keroro in that order
  • Dobaba - father


Karara is young tadpole, lime-colored Keronian. She wears a purple cap with cat-like points on her cap. Her eyes are shiny, similar to Tamama's except it's colored mint green. Her symbol is a prohibition sign facing horizontal which is purple on her belly and yellow on her forehead, possibly a counterpart to Chiroro's no entry sign.


Karara is very energetic and mischievous, Karara has a habit of making anyone in trouble to those are around her. However, she often gets in trouble and panics about his strict father, Dobaba. In her last appearance alongside Chiroro, she is now irritated and animosity towards Tamama and begin a rivalry with him, to win Keroro's heart.


Between her appearances, Karara's love always switches its object from one to the other relatively easily, and so she has fallen in love with every Keroro Platoon member one by one. This is usually triggered whenever one of them saves her life, and when she does, she completely forgets about her past love and is very obese. She first comes to Earth being mistaken for a boy and thought to be sent to join the Keroro Platoon, and is taken under Tamama's wing, ranked Private Third Class for a short while. After realizing that she only came to Earth because
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she got lost in her father's special space vehicle, Tamama has Kururu fix it up so she can go back to Keron. Shortly after her leave, they realize that she is a girl from a paper wish that she wrote saying that she will become Tamama's bride. She came back later and fell in love with Kururu/Kululu.