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Taruru is a character from the series Keroro Gunso and Sgt. Frog. He is a private first class of the Garuru Platoon. Taruru is voiced in Japanese by Akeno Watanabe while Chris Cason voices Taruru in the English release.


Taruru used to be Tamama's apprentice. Taruru first appeared to see if all the rumors about the Keroro Platoon was true, revealing what Tamama told him about the platoon. In the anime, he also appeared a couple of times with his childhood friend Karara, forming a duo of mischievous kids. Taruru was more clumsy than Tamama. Taruru is a blue Keronian kid, as has been implied by his tail. The Keron Army then transformed him into a mature Keronian and made him private first class. He currently has adult features. Despite Taruru's clumsiness in the past, he had become
185px-HAI GUISE LOOKIT ME by PvtFirstClassTaruru

Tadpole Taruru on the glass.

very skilled when training in the Keron Army under the Garuru Platoon.


  • Tamama- Former master
  • Karara- Best friend when he was a kid
  • Garuru- His master today


Taruru has similiar energy attacks to Tamama, only they are light blue and

Tadpole Taruru.

come from his eyes. When Taruru was younger he and Tamama would see who's death blow was more powerful.
  • Taruru Genocide: Taruru shoots light-blue beams from his eyes.
  • Shining Taruru Genocide EX: A powered-up version of Taruru Genocide.
  • Taruru Genocide GX: A far more powered-up version of Taruru Genocide EX.

    An Anime/Manga art of Taruru.

  • Taruru Genocide DX: A powered-up version of Taruru Genocide GX.
  • Taruru Ball: Taruru makes a small energy ball that he throws at the enemy.

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